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Milestone Investigations

Florida statutes now require condominium associations and co-ops to conduct structural inspections (the “Milestone Inspection”) of each building three-stories or more in height by December 31 of the year in which the building reaches 30 years of age, based on the date the Certificate of Occupancy was issued.  If the building is within three miles of the coast, a milestone inspection is required when the building reaches 25 years of age.  Milestone inspections will also be required every ten years thereafter.

A Milestone Inspection is an inspection intended to identify any necessary maintenance, repair, or replacement of a building’s primary structural components.It must be conducted by a Florida-licensed engineer or architect.

Milestone Inspections come in two phases:  A Phase One inspection consists of a visual inspection of a building’s major structural components and a qualitative assessment of the building’s structural condition.  If no signs of structural deterioration are observed, then a Phase Two inspection is not required.  A Phase Two inspection is only conducted if signs of structural deterioration are observed.  It is required to be sufficiently extensive to fully investigate areas of structural deterioration and to allow for the formulation of repairs.

Marcon Forensics’ team of engineers is experienced in conducting Milestone Phase One and Phase Two investigations and in preparing Milestone reports.

Structural Integrity Reserve Studies

Florida statutes now require that a Structural Integrity Reserve Study (SIRS) must be completed for buildings three stories or more in height every ten years and completed by December 31, 2024, for associations existing on or before July 1, 2022.  Developers are also required to perform a SIRS before turnover.

A SIRS is intended to calculate the expected useful life, replacement costs, and annual reserve amount for a prescriptive set of building components.

Marcon Forensics has prepared SIRS reports for communities throughout Florida.

Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing (MEP) Investigations

Marcon Forensics can assist with investigations of MEP components, identify defects, and provide repair recommendations.

Construction Defect Litigation Support

For almost 30 years, Marcon Forensics has conducted field inspections, destructive testing, and code reviews, and created expert reports for construction defect claims.

Marcon Forensics personnel have provided deposition and trial testimony in multiple states across the United States.

Building Repairs

Marcon Forensics has for over thirty years prepared repair drawings for buildings damaged by earthquake, hurricane, water intrusion, vehicle strike, etc.

Property Investigations

Marcon Forensics has extensive experience at investigating properties and assessing causes for structural & water intrusion damage.

Marcon Forensics has also extensive experience at preparing cost-effective repair plans for property owners and condominium and townhome associations.

Restoration & Waterproofing

Marcon Forensics personnel are experienced at managing restoration and waterproofing projects.  Our team is familiar with waterproofing products and with their installation requirements.

Turnover and Assessment Reports

Marcon Forensics can provide Turnover Reports for condominium associations and developers.  We can also prepare property Assessment Reports for condominiums, apartments, commercial properties, etc.

Drone Survey Services

Under the FAA’s Small UAS Rule (Part 107), operators must have a Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA. This certificate demonstrates operators understand the regulations, operating requirements, and procedures for safely flying drones. Marcon has certificated personnel to shoot drone photos and video to conduct cost-effective visual property surveys.

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